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The most important course for crew on mega yachts and for ANYONE working on yachts, day charter boats, charter yachts, fishing boats, tour boats and all vessels which have paying passengers on board is the STCW'2010 course.


STCW 2010 Basic Training

(Standards of Training Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers)

Is an international convention arising from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and has the force of law in all the signatory countries.

Most of the convention entered into force on January 1, 1996 with full compliance to be achieved by February 1, 2002.

The convention gives the minimum standards of qualifications required by crew at various levels depending upon vessel size for both deck and engineer departments and also radio communications personnel.

(Extra training requirements are given for certain special types of ships).

NOT included for this convention are crew on warships, government (non-commercial) vessels, fishing vessels, pleasure yachts not engaged in trade, and wooden ships of primitive build.

Effectively captains, mates, watch keepers, and engineers must complete a series of MCA/ STCW 2010 courses, have a certain amount of attested sea time, be of a minimum age and pass oral exams.

Likewise ALL crew involved in any safety or muster must complete this one week of training.

In effect this encompasses all crew on mega yachts.

The STCW'95 course has been upgraded to STCW'2010

What do the course consist of ?

One and a half day Personal Survival course module which is instructed in compliance to STCW ’2010 Code A - VI/1-1 and consists of a full day in a classroom covering subjects such as emergency situations, evacuation, survival craft and rescue boats, personal lifesaving appliances, survival at sea, emergency radio equipment and helicopter assistance. 

The remainder of the course is spent in a swimming pool performing an actual life raft inflation and inversion and the simulation of other abandon ship procedures. 

The theory and practical are both followed by an exam.

A two day Fire Prevention module which is instructed in compliance to STCW ’2010 Code A - VI/1-2 including shipboard fire fighting organization, the elements of fire and explosion, types of ignition, fire and smoke detection, breathing apparatus use and automatic alarm system familiarization. Students will fight and extinguish actual fires using personal equipment, appliances methods and various agents. 

The module includes seminar and practical instruction taught by licensed and certified fire fighting professionals from the Maritime School of the West Indies. 

It takes two days to complete and is followed by a written exam.

A one day First Aid and CPR course which is instructed by our medical instructor and is in compliance to STCW ‘2010 Code A - VI/1-3 and consists of approximately seven hours of theory and practical covering basic First Aid and CPR in marine situations. 

The course is followed by a written exam.

A full day Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, which is instructed by our MSWI instructor to STCW ’2010 Code A – VI/1-4

The course is followed by a written exam. 

1/2 day PMSA ( Proficiency in Maritime Security Awareness )

How much is the fee to enroll?

The cost for the complete STCW'2010 course is

US $1190.

How To Apply For Enrolment?

Check it out HERE

Candidates may also apply to our St.Martin office and on our web site www.MaritimeSchool.net for a detailed application form.

Courses require detailed schedule co-ordination and planning so it is recommended that applications be submitted in a timely manner.

Please see our COURSE SCHEDULE for dates.

Our STCW'2010 courses are MCA® recognized.

You need to be able to swim to do the STCW'2010

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