Keeping the Crew Happy !

Private, On Board and Custom Courses

The Maritime School of the West Indies provides "Private Courses" for all the crew on a mega or superyacht,  "ON BOARD" and CUSTOM courses.

We have instructed fire fighting and Nav and Radar courses on board of CoastGuard vessels in Sint Maarten and in Curacao, and several courses on board many mega and super yachts.

We can also do STCW and special training on board as well as refreshing courses.

( Like First aid, Fire fighting etc. )

The school also provides courses to Cruise ships and large vessels.

We offer also the possibility to follow courses like the official MCA STCW' 2010, 6-day course spread over several weeks, with each week or every time the cruise ship is in town, a one day course so that after several weeks the crew has done the complete course.

We provide also the PWC ( Personal Watercraft Course for Jet Ski's and Wave Runners ) on board your yacht.

Please CONTACT us if you are interested and we will be happy to set up courses on board your vessel.

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